• Coat of Arms Vlaskalin

    Coat of Arms

    Mr. Alexander Vlaškalin hired us to do an illustration of his family’s Coat of Arms. The only existing examples of the Vlaškalin’s Coat of Arms was an antique, ¼” in diameter, carved gemstone ring and a detailed description registered in the city archives of Novi Sad. The final versions were based on these two sources. The gemstone version was used for the letterhead and the shield was used for business cards.

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    Children's Room - educational CD-ROM

    Children’s Room made in watercolor technique from a series of illustrations for children’s educational CD- ROM.

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    "The Little Prince" 3D Animated Movie

    Illustrated phases with elephants and baobabs made in watercolor technique. The animated film “The Little Prince”, based on the famous Saint-Exupéry’s novella was made in 3D technology by a production and performance group from Belgrade. Some of the sequences were done as 2D animation. Phases shown from these sequences are illustrated in watercolor technique.

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    • Digital Illustrations for "The Little Prince" Movie

      One part of the film included digital illustrations of human characters. Our studio created eight characters, and four of them are presented here. The characters are people in the script of different occupations, and they evaluated the actions of the Little Prince.

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